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This weekend, me and three other co-workers made a plan to drive off to Sandusky, Ohio and visit Cedar Point. An amusment park with plenty of roller coasters. Here are some highlights from the trip, along with my top three rides.

  1. City : Sandusky, Ohio – Smelly, ugly, and very gay. At night the smell of pollution filled our noses. They were some really weird pollen flying around everywhere, it looked like cotton candy. Or maybe the clouds had fallen out of the skies becuase of that digusting smell. In the entertainment side, head on downtown to hit a gay club and then you can visit a transvesite club if you wish. Retail wise however there are lots of plazas in the area including stores as Best Buy, Macy’s, Target and other sports/clothing stores.
  2. The Hotel : Our days Inn smell almost as bad as the city smelled outside. The staff did not bother to clean our room after the first night, and most likely still has not cleaned it. There was a pool that was also poisoned with that same infectious cotton like pollen. There was supposed to be breakfast there, but the first day I went the lady was throwing out what little remained there. I did have orange juice both times. The beds were pretty small, and it doesn’t help when all my co-workers snore like bears. Thank God for my MP3 player which helped drown out the noise. The hallways of the inn looked like a dorm room from a small city college.
  3. The Park :
    • The Bad :
    • I didn’t like the overall design. It was far from breathtaking.
    • There was no organization in the park at all in terms of signage anywhere.
    • No separating themes giving the park an organized structure, it seemed chaotic at best.
    • Flying Pollen, in our mouths while yelling on roller coasters near trees. There was honestly too much of that crap everywhere.
    • Old Mascot (Snoopy). Not really any dedicated section for kids.
    • Mist Spraying fans… that don’t work.
    • The Good :
    • Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Millenium Force, The Wicked Twister, Raptor, Demon Drop, and even Snake River Falls.
    • ICEE : That slush was addictive.
    • Lots of Parking and multiple entrances.
    • Staff from around the world. It was kinda cool how the staff was literally imported from different sections of the world. Interesting summer job for them.
    • Short Lines compared to Wonderland. Wicked Twister barely even had a lineup.
    • Short delays on most rides.
    • Yummy Soft Cookie.