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I have longed for this console for quite some time now. I was originally going to wait until MGS4 comes out then I figured what the hell. It was quite hard with all the negativity surrounding the console in the beginning, especially with companies like EA putting in shit effort and producing bad quality games compared to the 360 at times I even thought of purchasing a 360. Then better games starting coming out.

So there was a sale on at Wal-Mart. Boxing Day BlowOut. PS3 On sale for $550.00. 80 gig, PS3 with Motorstorm and Free Bluetooth remote control. (This was before the price drop)

80 gig ps3

Now that I have my PS3, I Love it, I picked up Resistance at a sale at Wal-Mart for 40.00 and it was a fast paced and really fun shooter. Initially I found the controller a bit hard to use when shooting so I picked up this kick as FragFX. Which makes my PS3 games as good as PC, well my pc sucks anyways but now i get the superior control and precision of a mouse.


My Suggestions for games that I have played :

Uncharted Drake's Fotune
Ratchet And Clank
Call of Duty 4

Heavenly Sword (Once I Open the package and play it 🙂 Waiting for my Dual Shock 3)

I have more games just not enough time to review them all, I will put up my own reviews of them all soon.