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About a month or so ago, I got obsessed with getting a Wii, I don’t really know what overcame me but I started looking everywhere for a Wii. I searched the facebook marketplace, e-bay, and even craigslist. I eventually bought it brand new from Futureshop and had to pay for shipping because it was not in stock at the stores. I’m glad I purchased it. Although the graphics are not the greatest, it has some intuitive controls and multiplayer fun.

Wii Photo

Overall, its a great console… for multiplayer. The kids can easily pick it up and play and its actually quite fun to play. However my Wii did get ruined. The disc drive somehow stopped functioning but I shipped it to Nintendo (in Scarborough) for free and they fixed it for free under warranty.

Although I’m nearing the end of Super Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii, it hasn’t been the most entertaining experience for me atleast. The bosses are fun but I found that the game became frustrating after a while flying to all these planets and such.
Riz Rating: 7/10

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Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz is a pretty fun game and love playing it when people come over. The games are simple and pretty varied, although some games are stupid and have bad controls most are pretty decent. The single player pretty much sucks but thats not why you get that game.
Riz Rating: 8/10

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