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Life is a jumble of crossroads…
The ones you want to take…don’t want you to take them…
You know that these roads will lead to dead ends…
But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the scenery on the way there…

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I don’t know wat to say to u,
I talk to u,
But i don’t know what to say
I chill with u,
But I don’t know wat to say
I look at you,
ANd I don’t know wat to say
FACT: I don’t know what to say to u

I take a step forward, but you say something that make me retreat back 2 steps,
You say yet again sumthing else and I venture forward
I grow weary that I may be reading too much into the situation and I stumble backward
Unaware, unable, uncomprehending.
FACT: I always end up a step behind you.

Is it turmoil or torment that turns you away
Is it unattractiveness or inability to see me in that way
Is it uncompatibility or unacceptablility that keeps you at bay
Is it just me and perhaps the things that I say.
FACT: You stay far away.

Been rambling and rambling off and on for a bit
Me in your arms…would be a perfect fit.
SOunds to me, on my head…I’ve been hit.
Rambling off sorid lines like some sodden chit.
FACT: Been reading too many romance novels and movies.

Are people just people?
Are people just friends?
Are people just people posing as friends?
We know people are gonna be around forever.
Are friends gonna be there forever?
Who can we trust?
Who can we live with?
More importantly who can’t we live…without…
Do people come into our lives for a purpose: pleasure, pain, profit?

I can’t figure it out….

can u…

Dear Diary,

I must say that soon I must bid u adew,
For writing these entries I have minutes, few.
Don’t want to prolong my repeated entries,
Will post much more fun and inventive entries.

Today I was having the nicest dream. My alarm went off at 8:20am but I kept snoozin it til 9. I started to day dream and get all cuddly and warm. Damn why doesn’t this shit happen in real life….grrrrr.

Went online for a bit…Did some housework for half of the day…Then watched Boattrip…with my mum…not a bad movie…quite funny…lemme tell u…watchin a girl try her technique of a blowjob demonstrated on a banana…hmmm….not sumting you need to be learning when ur mum’s around…..grrrrr.

Started to daydream again….ahhhhhh………grrrrrrrrr.

Then watched gags and chilled for a bit….went ova to my buddy’s house and then for a long ass walk…came home and did some more exercises and got cleaned up and had dinner. And am now finally online…and hardly no one is online…grrrrrr.

Gettin kinda sleepy…eyes won’t keep me…can’t hold out any longa….going to sleep so i can dream longa.


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Dear Diary,

I put you on hold for a day…I apologize…

My surprise…my unspeakable act that I alluded to the other day…well…


Holy gucamoli!
Yes. I finally did it…It is soooo damn short. Took off 8inches!!

But yea…yesterday was nice. Chilled with a meese speaking buddy. Good times.

Woke up yesterday at 8:25am….was out til 12pm…came home watched ‘Basekatball’…it’s aite…kinda like Bevis and Butthead mixed with Dodgeball…wouldn’t really recommend it…but newho…then dance practise…with my cutie gyals…I swear they are all so young…yet me being the oldest is the shortest…that’s about all for now….

Good times…good times!!

I verse like i converse….
swift and steady….
like a tub of Ben and Jerry…
boy don’t that go down steady…
All the way down to my belly…
make my belly dance like jelly…
U know wat im sayin…Shelly!

Dear Diary,

I come to you for solace,
I come to you for grace,
I come to you to sell my soul,
To find my life’s place.

My sleep cycle….continually diminishes as i wake up earlier and earlier every day since the last day of exams. I cannot fathom why. Today I woke up at 8:30am…
Spent half the day drivin around…went to do some grocery shoppin and found out my visa was missin……friggin chaos…last time i used it was sun….drove back to bombay chopsticks and thankfully it was in their capable hands…
watched Catch me if u can ….not bad…leo is not hot …for all u leo fans…go moon ova someone who doesn’t still look like a damn baby…
Did some painting, some walking…and…
I did an unspeakable thing today…

But we’ll leave that for tomorrow…

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