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OOH CRAP, the rant I wrote about fido being broken

So, I frequent this website a lot. G4 Tech TV’s the Feed, mostly to pass time at work and learn about new games and such. Well I was on the website yesterday and they posted an image from a video game called Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 Washington

Full Size Link

So the same website today informed me that this image made headline news on another website called This is London, but they weren’t reporting this as an image from a video game. They said that the image was from in Islamic extremist forum claiming that this is what America will look like after an attack.

A video game image is becoming fear invoking propaganda… what’s even more interesting is the comments from both sites. Some people say that Islam needs to be banned from “the West.” Now, because I’ve written a few papers on this this topic I found some ppl’s comments interesting.

The West will only stop Al Qaeda and radical Islam from achieving this aim when Islam is no longer permitted in the West. For too long, politicians around the world have been chanting the mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. It isn’t so lets stop pretending and start doing something about reducing its influence and spread.

– Adam, Harrow, UK

Oh boy, this terrorism thing is really giving Islam a bad name, arrhg now my brain is not working after reading such comments from such stupid people. Really, do i need to go over this again…

I’ll just redirect you to a previous venting post


My brand new Sharp Aquos!


…are the words that escape my mouth when I see the quality of video on my new 46″ LCD HDTV. Here is the thing, I HAD/Have a rear projection HDTV playing at (1080i) which is pretty high, but ever since the HDMI port stopped working and because it just isn’t the same thing, (it’s rather old) the quality difference between the 52″ rear projection and the LCD is ASTONISHING to say the least.

Here is how I would describe it… it’s like some one took out my eyeballs and then washed them with a special solution and then tweaked the focus to make sure I can see everything clearly. LIKE NEW EYEBALLS.

Sharp AquosDirect Link

So I got a good deal so I jumped on it. So far I hooked it up upstairs to please my mom for a few days, but once i get about four strong enough friends to come help me move my monstrosity 52″ upstairs that beauty Sharp is going down in my basement where I will game in HD all day long!

Coincidentally my uncle purchased a new 46″ Samsung LCD HDTV (also a thing of beauty) and when he brought it home he was shocked at the horrible picture quality (not the same as in store, my tv looks better than the store cuz they were playing some nasty low def shit on it) of his low def satellite dish, ha ha ha, I told him.. you NEED an HD SOURCE to get the same quality picture, then i suggested the PS3 ha ha ha.

My New 08′ Toyota Yaris.

New Yaris

Here she is, my new baby! Yeah.. Yeah..

When I e-mailed the lady at UTM for the graduation ceremony photos she got a quote from me and now I found out its public.

40th anniversary celebrations start with a bang (June 07, 2007)

“I was deeply proud to help celebrate this day that reflected our history, growth and our vibrant and cohesive community,” said Vice-President and Principal Ian Orchard, who led the academic procession. “This type of procession has not taken place on campus since the 1970s.” It was a special experience for the students. “The walk to the gym left me feeling proud,” said 2007 graduand Rizwan Choudhary.

I found my old e-mail that I talked to the lady about, here is what it says.

Yes you may. In fact I would like to add that it is not just the procession that made me feel proud. The diversity of the campus has always made me feel welcome. Being a Muslim student and having halal food available is just a small reflection of the diversity that I have become familiar with at UTM. Sharing stories and experiences with friends of different locations, languages, and cultures is what makes our campus so unique.

Now when I reflect on this comment, and I am still sitting jobless and I wonder what skills I have acquired from my University I feel a bit baffled, as all the web design stuff we learned is obsolete but at least I experienced four.. err five years of hell :).

I went to the Chinese store with my mom today. It smelled unpleasant to say the least.

Any who, whenever I go there I always pick up some fortune cookies…

and here are my fortunes for today

  • Take Some time out for yourself

  • You inspire others with your principles

I think both of them are very accurate.

About a month or so ago, I got obsessed with getting a Wii, I don’t really know what overcame me but I started looking everywhere for a Wii. I searched the facebook marketplace, e-bay, and even craigslist. I eventually bought it brand new from Futureshop and had to pay for shipping because it was not in stock at the stores. I’m glad I purchased it. Although the graphics are not the greatest, it has some intuitive controls and multiplayer fun.

Wii Photo

Overall, its a great console… for multiplayer. The kids can easily pick it up and play and its actually quite fun to play. However my Wii did get ruined. The disc drive somehow stopped functioning but I shipped it to Nintendo (in Scarborough) for free and they fixed it for free under warranty.

Although I’m nearing the end of Super Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii, it hasn’t been the most entertaining experience for me atleast. The bosses are fun but I found that the game became frustrating after a while flying to all these planets and such.
Riz Rating: 7/10

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Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz is a pretty fun game and love playing it when people come over. The games are simple and pretty varied, although some games are stupid and have bad controls most are pretty decent. The single player pretty much sucks but thats not why you get that game.
Riz Rating: 8/10

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