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i finally found my password again! (well no, i’d lost it and had to have it reset).

in other (over-told) news, i (finally) have a license!!!

streets of singapore, beware!

Well folks…here it is… hollywoods most anticipated animation film. Find out how beauty kills… beer bottles.. 😉


I had a partner in crime to help me make this. None other then the website contributor. Mentos, the unFresh Maker!

rizzy got down on his hands and knees and BEGGED for me to post something on his site, so i went “meh, it’s not like anyone visits it anyways, so might as well” (the stuff i do to make you happy, riz)


(and for those of you who STILL haven’t seen this:

exit, stage right…

…and i have an assignment to do due tomorrow which i’ve barely started. So then i think, no better time than to have my first post put into my very own section? (still not thrilled with the name, riz)