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Here is a photo of a female sword Tail Fish, tee hee, but she doesn’t have a sword tail. That’s just how nature is I guess. They are called Sword Tail fish because the tip of their rear fin is like a sword as you will see in the later photo of the male Sword Tail fish.

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This is the Male, Sword Tail fish. The store owner gave me two female and one male, because thats how the fish like it… polygamy. It’s just nature I guess.


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For some added diversity, I told the fish store guy to give me a nice orangy fish. The fish store guy at Big Al’s was really nice and informative.


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Here are all of the rest of the fish, click on the thumbnails to see them close up.

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After recently updating ImageShack toolbar I’m glad to say that it works amazingly well with wordpress. Previously, when tested, it failed however, now it works. And boy does it work well. Here’s my grad pics to prove it :).

It worked so well, that I might make a new tutorial with googlepages (if it works with that as well) because it is easy as 1-2-3.

To use in, be sure to switch to code view first.

New Fish

Dalmation Molly

¬†Purchased at Big Al’s 2 for $4.88 on March 14, 2007


So there I stood among hundreds of women celebrating one day out of the 365. Although I think every day should be women’s day I was disappointed in the male turnout for this event. I thought there would be at least a dozen men or so. It’s like in my Islam class, there should be more non-Muslims them Muslims so they can learn about the religion and understand it a bit better. Same as my women’s class, there is only a few maybe just three members of the male gender making an effort to learn about equality between BOTH sexes.

The Celebration held at Sagan Banquet Hall was beautifully organized with plenty of things to keep the crowd entertained / distracted like different stalls promoting different centers, massage stations, fortune tellers, jewelry vendors and an aroma therapy stall. I found the introduction speech to be very moving and full of passion and energy. My favorite part of the evening had to be the comedy. I’m a big fan of comedy and this act was pretty darn good.

I was able to meet some old friends and meet up with two of my class mates. It was a very fun night.

Happy International Women’s Day


Aww, 1 male and the rest of the results were girls. Wow, this thing is really inaccurate!!

Wow, I was doing some cleaning and I found an old birthday card from my 19th Birthday.

From my CREW up in WOODLANDS:
Let’s see if I can find all these ppl on facebook now!!

From Left to Right:

Yasodra, Jodi, Hema, Erum, Nina, and Almas

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