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When will the pain stop gripping my soul
When will my heart finally let go
I scream to the heavens and implore that God hears
The grief and the anguish that comprise my tears
Where is the one that was made just for me
Does he even exist, how could this be
I’ve endured much agony all through my life
All I ask in return is to be a mother and wife
Lord Father above, hear me I pray
Give my peace in my heart, take this pain away

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I try to sleep
To stop from thinking
I can’t get you out of my head
You invade my dreams
Everyday distractions
Just aren’t enough
Everything I see
Reminds me of us
The radio is full
Of songs of love
A continous reminder
That I’m to blame
There’s an internal tremor
Pulsing from my heart
Keeping me constantly
On the verge of tears
The most painful death
Would be sweet relief
Compared to the emptiness
I feel right now

Broken shards of the child-like innocence
That once dominated our relationship
Surround me
The slivers thrust so deeply
I can’t take a step without drawing more blood
The same blood that once felt so much love
Is now filled with a burning hatred
Of your soul
Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?
That one little word opens the flood gates
To my heart, to my tears, to my pain
I made the mistake of trusting too easily
And loving too deeply
For that I am punished
A mistake not to be repeated.

I could only see
What you COULD be
But the joke’s on me
Cause you can’t change
Putting me down
Calling me names
Who the f*ck do you think you are
The sun, the moon, the brightest star
You think that you’re God’s gift
Spouting shit
Always a victim
You have no sin
No cross to bear
No blame to wear
So full of fear
Can’t look in the mirror
Loving you was my crime
Baby, you ain’t worth my time.