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For a university that charges so much for tuition and for a university that is one of the richest universities in ontario (don’t quote me on this fact…but i seem to remember a prof telling me this), UTM is pretty damn cheap. I finished class today around 5pm and chatted it up with some friends i haven’t seen for a while. Anyway, around 5:40pm we all leave and go our respective ways. I exit the main enterance of the south building, walk down the steps, walk a couple more feet and take a flip and bust my ass. Damn UTM bastards can’t afford to spread some friggin salt on the walkways. How much do a couple bags of salt cost?? Bunch of crack heads. I should sue those lazy, cheap ass bastards!

Just finished off another book about Vietnam. This one was the war through the eyes of Franklin D. Miller. What a man. Where most people couldn’t wait to finish their tour of duty, this man pulled strings in order to say in the war. He arrived when he just turned 20 and was there for 6years. During his tour he won countless medals including the Congressional Medal of Honor (the highest millitary award). The book was excellently written. It was as though you were standing right next to Miller during his missions. One of the best chapers was his account of a top seceret mission which led him to winning the Medal of Honor. How someone can endure all the things he had and still live to tell about it is beyond me. Reflections of a Warrior written by Elwood J.C. Kureth. A must read.

the other day i got bored while driving around with a friend. On my way to dropping her off at home, she decided it’d be cool to see how far the car could coast. I told her it would go on forever as long as it was in Drive and the road remained flat. But i did like the idea of see how far the car would coast, so i put the car in Neutral. We both tried to guess how far the car would go before it stopped and the loser would have to push the car the rest of the way home (was probably about 15-20 houses away). I guessed right and she lost. Being the gentleman that i am, i didn’t make her push the car home, but i did get another idea. I wanted to see how fast i could push the car so i told her to get into the driver seat and watch how fast the car was moving. I got out and pushed. First try i got up to 10km/h and my max speed was about 12km/hr. How exciting! It’s a good leg workout, so if your looking to get nice firm legs, push your car around the block a couple times.

I eluded to something in my last post that I would like to retract. I said that The End of the Line was a good book to read because it gave a different perspective from what most pro-American versions might tend to show. But really, I wasnít there so I canít really say whoís wrong and whoís right. Each participant in the war had his or her own perspective and perception of the conflict. Itís not possible to conclude that one personís version of the war is valid and anotherís is not, simple because each version is the way it was for the brave individual who lived it. Also, since this is the only detailed account of the Vietnam war I have read I really have nothing to compare it to. And it only focuses on one event, the battle at Khe Sahn.

I recently finished reading End of the Line. Itís a novel written by a war correspondent at the Vietnam war, recounting the events at Khe Sanh. It was nice to finally read an account of this famous war from a non-American view point. The American view would lead you to believe America showed its might and dominated the North Vietnamese troops (even though they lost the war). One of the most surprising things I read about in this book was regarding all the bombing preformed by the Americans.

American troops were out of their league in Vietnam. They basically wanted to show the might of their firepower but thatís hard to do when you canít even see your enemy. So Americanís resorted to using B-52ís to drop bombs anywhere and everywhere. Bombs, tear gas, napalm anything and everything was used to flush out and destroy the enemy. American troops would go out on recon missions and as soon as they spotted some North Vietnamese troops, they would call in air strikes.

General Westmorland, commander of the American forces said in a statement after the war that the B52ís were very successful in shutting down the enemy, and played key roles in the war. The book also offers testimonials from North Vietnamese leaders stateing that they knew the flight paths, take off times, and targets of the B52ís well in advanced and therefore could easily avoid being annihilated and also set up anti-aircraft weapons and shoot down these seemingly menacing B-52ís.

General Vo Nguyen Giap, commander of the North Vietnamese has got to be one of the most brilliant military leaders ever. One thing I found interesting was his view about war in general. He believed that if the citizens were not behind a countryís decision to go to war, then the country had no purpose to go to war. To win a war, the people have to be in support of it. Giap knew American citizens wouldnít stand for the Vietnam war so he prolonged it as much as he could resorting to guerrilla tactics. All the bombing and destruction of land didnít help either. President Johnson finally had to withdraw American troops because of growing political pressure from American citizens. Giap also fought the war by doing whatever he needed to, whereas American troops were basically guided by political issues, hence General Westmorland stating the ďeffectivenessĒ of the B-52 bombers. Now I know war itself is useless, but being that as it may, you still have to respect the brilliance of Giap.

I especially liked one of his statements towards the end of the book:

ď..Khe Sanh [was a piece of land that General Westmorland viewed as being extremely important to the North Vietnamese, and was crucial for Americans to defend this land] wasnít that important to us. Or it was only as important to the extent that it was important to the AmericansÖBecause look at the usual paradox that you will always find with the Americans: as long as they stayed in Khe Sanh to defend their prestige, they said Khe Sanh was important; when they abandoned Khe Sanh, they said Khe Sanh had never been important. Besides, donít you think we won at Khe Sanh? I say yesĒ

I also say yes.

PS: Just for the record, Iím not anti-American. I just find the Vietnam war to be very interesting because of the fact that U.S. lost. After reading this book, I realize why there are very few movies based on this war; because America lost. For any one interested in movies about the Vietnam war, I recommend watching Platoon or Apocalypse Now. Excellent movies that really bring forth the horror and savagery of this war.

Well, its been over 2 months now since i’ve posted. Doesn’t seem like this sites gonna dissapear anytime soon so might as well make use of it. I’ll try and post everyday (or as much as possible). The posts are going to be mainly based on my day-to-day experiences so they’re going to be pretty sad seeing as i live a pretty sad life.

School has started once agian. I’ve got CCT353 or some crap with rizwan. It made me realize how much i hated CCIT classes. Professor Hearn, what a crack head. Someone should buy her some anti-perspirant. Her black shirt always has a pool of rancid sweat under her arms. Its the dead of winter and she’s still producing oceans of sweat under her arms. Someone should also buy her a new wardrobe, she’s in need of one. Black shirts and brownish pants are all she wears. Seems like its going to be another year of looking around the room and making fun of other students.

Today class was fun. One of my professors was talking about ethics and said something stupid like “the executives and Enron didn’t do anything worng because they didn’t know what was going on”. My friend put up his hand and the prof acknowledged him. “Sir, are you on crack?” I couldn’t believe my friend just asked a professor if he was on crack. That was too funny. He later blamed me because i always use that phrase…”are you on crack?!”

i have to stop writing now because Rizwan the communist demands i stop posting.

wow…this site is still alive?? That’ll be all. Stay tuned for my next posting in 2 months time.