shit, i need some inspiration

divinely insight to help me with the preparation

cuz alone in this world we come

and alone from this world we go

so doesn’t matter if your death is quick or slow

learn to live with yourself. . . and grow

you heathen, its myself i must believe in

and hell, i’m on my own I can commit treason

but i got no reason, i was always smart but now god has blessed me with success

so i can huff and buff and blow your house down in just one breath

why have i been tripping

all along its just these words I was needin

cuz without them, its as if I were bleedin

never been alone before so it felt hard breathin

fuck air, its fire that i’m breathin

cuz i’m like a fire breathin dragon

and i know i’m worth havin

so once i get out we’ll see whose not grabbin

and if not hell i’ll be kidnappin

this is ottawa a whole new city

but unlike rihanna i dont got my whole team with me

forget it, none of y’all can even think this deep

and if I can take this cold dont worry, I can take this heat

so I’ll light a fire up under your seat if you proceed to mistreat

and i’ve been fasting, so the whole day I had nothign to eat

when I go home i’ll try and butcher some meat, but I prefer my greens

Cuz i’m ok but I could be a bit more lean

It’s obscene, how you think you can understand what I mean

the way your looking at me it and pretend you’ve seen what I’ve seen

And its true, you would have to walk a mile in my feet at least

I’m writing without a clue, empty stomach hoping for a feast

Yeah, its tough, i’ll admit some times

thats when I return to my rhymes

simple yet soothing, i play music in the mornign while shaving

i got no curtains yet so you might see me bathing

I still dont got a handle on this life

still getting pressured to find a wife

so close to give up i’m like, if everyone is wrong who must be right

i’ll be like ____ and get caught for prowl by night