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its 4:18 am, I couldn’t sleep
thoughts of you start to creep
into my head
so I try to put some 2pac on instead
but i realize i didn’t transfer it to this Hard drive
cant’ beleive your gone still feels like a damn lie
and i’m afraid to lie down and my back hurts
so i google the good die young sung by your idol 2pac
see a photo of him with his glasses and i sit here trying to write a rap
Azeem, you don’t understand how much i still need you
i got so many tough decisions ahead of me, who do i talk to
who do I greive to, shit man we was both in the same insane situation too
this is so unfair, i made a prayer, but when i opened my eyes you stillĀ  weren’t there, so i continue to stare at the glare of this lcd screen
and oh the irony, Napolean had also sung this song you see
the good die young and napolean was going to come
infact he did come, the same day we bought you back in that casket
and its madness cuz i know you would’ve wanted to see a member of the outlaws trying to teach the kids to stay away from drugs and love Allah
he didn’t need to preach to you,
going straight to heaven cuz with your love we grew
and who knew a tragedy so bad but never thought it would happen to you
sometimes we feel like we need someone to accuse,
but its just an excuse
and we’re all hurting we persistantly refuse
and get mad instead of seeking refuge
and the weight on my shoulders seems so huge
but this i promise you i will try my best to, take care of everyone who loves you
R.I.P. Azeem