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I sent this as three long ass txt messages to my cuzin after a recent breakup he went through.

This is madness.
Sadness overcomes me.
I’m fighting the world in the front seat but your girl was too weak to make it through to next week.
I know havoc she will wreak.
Let her speak.
You were the true one all along and now she will weep.
When she comes back, loneliness will overcome,
but life’s not a joke kid, relationship is more than just fun.
So when you see her just run
If you need help ask me, although I got no gun.

Just letting you know I feel your pain
but now you have less to lose and a lesson to gain
You kept your cool and you maintained and refrained

from lowering down to her level.
She’s the past kid, bury it!
I’ll grab the shovel
Yes, most girls are just trouble.

I cant believe she tried the jealousy card
Tried to wound you emotionally and that must be hard
But your too smart for that spoiled retart,
who was on your case and in your face from the very start.

One last thing before I go, you tell that Jess
She was blessed and lucky to even meet you.
Yes yes I bet the only emotion she will ever feel will be regret.

Globalize this!
When she sees it, say surprise Bitch
I think of you when I have to itch,
my balls.. can you believe how many times I called.

Riz.. Out.