I have been doing some self-studying and been doing some sole searching into what I really want to do with my life lately, and after working on I have finally realized that web design is a true passion of mine. The blank screen on dreamweaver cs3 is my empty canvas and all these new techniques with javascript and flash / actionscript 3.0 are driving me to learn new and modern web design techniques.

Perhaps it all started when I first bought and got my feet wet installing a blog on that server. I have always been interested in creating something out of nothing, that passion has been with me since I was little. So I have worked hard and learned a lot and its time to reveal my new website to the world on my blog which gets quite a few hits/day.

The pricing is not fixed and I will update that soon on the site. So if you need something, you can trust that I will take on your project with a full 200%. Please use the contact section of the website to contact me or you can e-mail me at