When I e-mailed the lady at UTM for the graduation ceremony photos she got a quote from me and now I found out its public.

40th anniversary celebrations start with a bang (June 07, 2007)

“I was deeply proud to help celebrate this day that reflected our history, growth and our vibrant and cohesive community,” said Vice-President and Principal Ian Orchard, who led the academic procession. “This type of procession has not taken place on campus since the 1970s.” It was a special experience for the students. “The walk to the gym left me feeling proud,” said 2007 graduand Rizwan Choudhary.

I found my old e-mail that I talked to the lady about, here is what it says.

Yes you may. In fact I would like to add that it is not just the procession that made me feel proud. The diversity of the campus has always made me feel welcome. Being a Muslim student and having halal food available is just a small reflection of the diversity that I have become familiar with at UTM. Sharing stories and experiences with friends of different locations, languages, and cultures is what makes our campus so unique.

Now when I reflect on this comment, and I am still sitting jobless and I wonder what skills I have acquired from my University I feel a bit baffled, as all the web design stuff we learned is obsolete but at least I experienced four.. err five years of hell :).