Dual Shock 3

I purchased Heavenly Sword maybe a month ago or so. However I decided to wait until my DS3 (dualshock 3 vibration feed back six axis) controller arrives. it actually came pretty quick from Hong Kong. The controller itself cost 66 dollars (I used the cheapest packaging) but I got screwed over with a 12 dollar handling fee from POSTAGE, which sucks ass. so the controller comes out to be around a whopping $78.00. So considering the DS3 is coming out in April most likely retailing for about 60.00 + TAX (14%) = $69.00 dollars. So I ended up paying about 9 dollars extra but I think its well worth it so many games ALREADY have DS3 enables and that includes many of the demos.

The controller itself feels a lot more comfortable than the six axis and the triggers although I haven’t used them much yet seem a bit better as well. I doubt i’ll be using my six axis ever again, until some1 comes over and they need to use the controller.


Heavenly Sword (www.heavenlysword.com)

The style of this game is absolutely stunning. Although the audio seemed not in sync in the beginning credits, it worked fine later. The story is unique and the gameplay is varied enough to keep the game pretty interesting. The learning curve can be a bit steep simply because I wasn’t used to controlling canon balls and arrows using the controller’s six axis. Once you do get a hang of it, it is FUN. Lots of fun to do and to watch, I especially love the slow motion kills. This is probably one of the best titles to use the six axis this much and with so much finesse. Even simple things while shaking the controller while you are hit in the air came naturally to me and made the fighting that much more fun. The boss battles were pretty damn fun as well, just took a little practice and not overwhelmingly difficult.

At first I found Kai’s game play scense a bit dry and difficult to control especially since she has no melee or close attack. However only one section was only really cumbersome otherwise the game has brilliant level design. Blowing up things with a flaming arrow is truly fun. One last thing I must mention is the amazing amount of characters they were able to add on screen was truly jaw dropping. I couldn’t believe how much mass murder I could do while the game looked amazing every second of the way. Although I did finish the game in a week or so I think it’s a MUST play for PS3.