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Writing Stories about different languages and cultures
I’m trying to think about what to write, kinda like a vulture
Who is about to swoop down on its prey, but I kneel down and I pray
going out of my mind, all for this wordplay and I think about the prejudice that existed so clearly in 1996, where different races were not so evenly mixed
and I was constantly called Paki, and I used to get pissed
then I learned that Paki meant clean, and my mentality shift
and the whole nature of the insult was entirely ripped and I would tell them boys to get a grip, call me clean all you want, see if I give a shit

And the thing you call Paki dots doesnt even make sense
Most Pakistani’s dont even have it since its not worn by Muslims
So I sat and listened with patience and tried to block out the hatin’
What kind of country do we live in? What kind of country are we creating?

 OK, time to start working on my story.

So here I am rhyming again
I’m so tired, I’m so drained
I’m done work but I’m emotionally strained
I wish I wasn’t so sensitive anymore
I wish that I could just open up that door
No, no that just isn’t true
What I believe is between me and God, not between me and you
Who am I, who is you? Do you understand me? Do I understand you
Do I accept you? Do you accept me?

I grow a field of rice with a single grain
I write like I have nothing to lose, but then again I have nothing to gain
So I sit here, bop my head and think about how I’ve been trained
Then I think what is wrong with my own brain
I think I’m loosing it, I am NO longer sane
The sink is unplugged, all the waters drained
And i’ll be walking around in the future with a high tech cane

I write in rhymes like dr. Seus
I talk about war conflict, I talk about a truce
I talk about my pain, but all you ask for is proof
and I sit here and take it, like I dont have a roof
over my head, and I should be worrying about my future instead
So rather then just sitting here, typing
I shouldn’t be writing, I’m not good enough
In fact I should be practicing my vocal skills
And bring it to a level that everyone might find ill
But I wonder if I even have the will?
Am I a well of talent, or am I an empty hole with no soul
Waiting for someone to just console while I get old

My head is scattered with white hair
I’m only 24 years old, it shouldn’t be there
White hair at this age, it just not fair
And, I cant bare to see my head go bare
I swear I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have a layer of white on my head
Is it a sign of character or a sign from the dead

Aww, 1 male and the rest of the results were girls. Wow, this thing is really inaccurate!!

Wow, I was doing some cleaning and I found an old birthday card from my 19th Birthday.

From my CREW up in WOODLANDS:
Let’s see if I can find all these ppl on facebook now!!

From Left to Right:

Yasodra, Jodi, Hema, Erum, Nina, and Almas

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