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I’ve lately been re-evaluating the whole download everything for free thing. My excuse for downloading had always been that I’m too poor to afford it, or these people are so rich they don’t need my hard earned money. I am not so poor, I think now that I am working full time I no longer can use the excuse of not buying things. Well I was just browsing the web one day when Windows Media Player told me about Napster. I looked at the concept Unlimited Music downloads for 10.00 a month or 15.00 /month for Napster To GO, it works well with my mp3 player and I listen to music all night long at work, it keeps me sane. Using this new service my musical taste has expanded and I feel kinda good knowing that its Legit. Plus its Unlimited so I find that affordable 180 bucks a year for all the music I need. I also purchased a PSP game, which I found on sale and is created by one of my favorite game producers Hideo Kojima. Movies and Satellite are the next things that need to legit, but those prices need to go down or the quality needs to live up to its expectations for me to take that plunge.


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