BILL walk up that hill. – Check the comment.

This kid bill gave me a thrill by posting a comment on my video
He called me fat and lazy, this rich kid must be crazy
Yeah, I used to park my car by saw mill valley and walked in the blistering cold to my class
Yeah, I hauled my ass, I did that for about a year, and this kid bill things that UTM is so near
20 minutes and the fucking bus transfer would rarely come through, or I would just miss it infront of my view
So before you spew, and call me a tool, listen to my words then judge me, I think your confused
Yeah, i’m a little ticked but you just lit a fuse and I just refuse to be bullied by some rich kid who things being poor is funny, maybe cuz he’s got a little too much money, and I usually dont mind taking the bus when its sunny, but when I’m walking in the cold my nose is runny.

Yeah I used to park my car down at saw mill valley, later they put no parking signs up saying they cant have me
So I’m left walking up a fucking mountain up at erindale park
Tumbling down a hill in the fucking dark,
Now the cops giving tickets there too, and if you dont believe me check the damn facebook group
Shit, I can sing this shit around you in a loop, but I doubt you’ll understand it, you goof

Yeah you missed the whole point of the video, you skimmed over the parts that were critical
You failed to see how difficult it can be and I’m backed by a whole fuckin’ army of students
All we is tryin’ to do is get an education
But were pent up with this frustration
Worried about how we supposed to pay for our parking tickets
Its not a fucking 10 cent mailing stamp, you cant lick it
Now my damn clock is tickin’ and i’m itchin to promote my ideas

Hell I dont even speak on my own behalf, I thank God for everything I have.
Some of that shit in the video I didn’t go through, how am I supposed to
You think I’m trying to tell kids to commit suicide, the guns in the corporations hands and its me in court that they try

Think just for a little bit, how can we support this, an education meant just for the rich
My friends dad put his house on double mortgage cuz you know he cant afford it
What if the poor kid was a fucking genius, and he was forced to work and go to school
And he can’t concentrate cuz at his job he’s barely making any paper, so he’s working overtime failing his %30 paper.

Listen I’m not an activist but I just get pissed when people spew shit and don’t think. Yeah go ahead call me a hypocrite cuz I live in a house with my parents and got a 51″ TV. But i’ve been working full time, since July midnight shift just to get through this shit, so don’t even think you can be me.

My friends said I couldn’t do it, and the walls are collapsing on me. One A the rest just C’s cuz I was too busy at work, or fighting the fucking 3 hour sleeps. I couldn’t even sleep deep, cuz sometimes it is just one or two hours at a time, so only respond to my shit if you can rhyme.