Why do I chose this method?

It allows me to display a large ammount of photo’s with minimal effort and in little time.

Why I choose imageshack as my host?

I have been using their photohosting service for a very long time, they have unlimited storage space, and there tools have got progressively better. If you create an account you can see all the images you upload and your pc will always be logged in unless you logout, the login process is tedius but I never logout anyways.

So you just came out from a night of fun and all your friends want to see photo’s (most likely of themselves) 😉 So what do you do? send them a link to all those photo’s? With 5mp cameras one image can be a pretty heavy file. Here is my Tutorial.

Step 1. Download photo’s from your camera.
Step 2. Go to http://toolbar.imageshack.us/ and download the appropriate program either Firefox or Windows or both if you want. While your there check out the tutorial as we will be doing somethign similar.
Step 3. Install the toolbar and it will show up at the top of your browser.
Step 4. Setup before you drag. Here are the options I choose.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarImage Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Ok for the photo below, its to you if you what size you want to put it to, but the original size is usually way too much (5.0MP) So I think people are pretty pleasant seeing full screen photo’s with this size because its large enough to zoom in, but not enough to see the hair inside the nose.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 5. Select which photo’s you want to upload, and drag them over to that Upload Icon in your browser.
Step 6. Click on the My Images Button on your toolbar and select the photo’s you want code for as shown below.
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 7. A new webpage will open up and all you have to do is copy that code, I could take a screen shot but it’s tedius and taking more time then I have 🙂
Step 8. If you have a gmail account you have a googlepages account head over to http://googlepages.com sign in and create a new page, but when you name it put something simple because if you use spaces or ‘ or ” or , its gonna convert that to web code and it gets ugly so usually i do something like my_birthday or anne_trip, something like that.

Step 9. In googlepages click on the MAIN window where you want to place the photo’s and then hit the html button at the bottom.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 10. Remember all that code you copied in step 7, well all you have to do now is hit the paste button, and Save Changes and Voila, you have a website set up with 15 photo’s.

If you have more photo’s to upload then just hit the next page and repeate steps 6-10 or whatever. 🙂

EASY as 12345678910, its not so hard just give it a try. 😀
Here is a sample of what they turn out to look like,
Derek’s Birthday