Over the past four month, well actually about six months or so I have come to the conclusion that I am not human. I started my job at Symcor about six months ago and I also worked part time at Collins & Aikman. There was a span of a few weeks where I would work four hours (which is enough to tire anyone out because its a tiring JOB) drive from there straight to my second job, Symcor. I would sleep in the van for about 2 hours and then start my job at Symcor. This was pretty damn hard.

For the Past four months I have been working full time and going to school full time. It has not been easy and I have had a lot of help along the way but in the final crunch time I am amazed at my own ability to get A+ Papers done, and study for for exams, at the same time while handling a large load of work because my other co-worker sleeps for 2 hours at work while I actually DO work. However, I have learned to operate my body with a mere 2 or 3 hours of sleep per day. This became common, having a job, school, and a social life (J.J.N.E.) would leave little room for sleep. Yesterday I was up over 24 hours working on my seven stories and am proud to say that I have completed everything and hope that everything goes well.

I’m not human, I’m Super Human
Don’t think that I’m just assumin
I have worked really hard the past few months
They were times I just wanted to sit back and smoke a blunt
Now my brain isn’t even functioning, I cant even rhyme right, like I’m in the lime light, trying to fight sleep every night, and people telling me I cant do it, well I proved them wrong tonight, and I do not let anyone tell me what to do, or what to wear, hell I dont care if I walk down the street in my underwear but now that I got a little more time, I can take the time to actually take care of my self, and its been hard but I needed the wealth, to pay for this bloody education, to help start the formation, of a brand new claymation, or animation, or maybe i’ll do something else, and i’m typing this now, if i spoke it, i would be out of air