Ok, lets see if you learned anything from before
or maybe your level of rhymes has sunk even more
but while i’m at it might as well teach you a few lessons
whenever your rhyme never think you are more or less then
your opponent, because that will just weaken your approach
and then they’ll be number 1 wearing that prized broach
but here are just a few techniques, kinda like a cheat sheet
you can have the last word in every sentence rhyme
this is a huge technique of mine
Or you could do it like this, leavin ppl in the darkness, it increases your sharpness, and boots up your heart rate, dont be scared dont procrastinate, just love and dont hate, learn to respect my faith, and be faithful to your words, dont go on a splurge without connecting with meaning, cuz i’ve been meaning to tell you but you never listen, and deep down your hissin’ like a jealous snake, looks like hooked the bait, and u feel insulted like I spat in your face and disgraced you but i havent
now that technique right there just off the top of my head
is like a stream of bullets shootin at you, but dont worry you aint dead
but this is my gift, this is my talent, i rhyme all these words jumbled up in my head
now the next thing I want to teach is to add some context to your words, think about how you pastor preachs
you cant just stick in words like ben and jerry and it maybe a lil scary but you can say real things with your rhymes, like talk about the times, like grab a moment from your life and expressit in a rhyme

that is all i want you to know, i’ve instilled the seed, time to watch it grow

I’ll be waiting for yours (or others) response to this masterful bliss