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When I was a little boy in the hallways of woodlands school
I remember  My mom got me these fake Nike T’s
I wore them once in school and immediately got riducules by class fellows
It was unacceptable for me to wear such a hidious looking t-shirt
The power of branding, people held so dear, they would try to show off
People who wore these clothings which were usually extremely highly priced were given respect in school, sort of glamor if you want to call it that
Ofcourse I could not afford such expensive clothing, and yelled at my parents to never give me such a t-shirt ever again

We live in a world of representations, where what we wear instead of what we do represents us
Commodity society, where brands go to the extreme to try and push their product.. and profit
Disney and Nike open up sweat shops across the world because of lax labour / export laws of the country.
Dont get me wrong, I’m no activist, aside from maybe a few lyrics spewed on this site
But I dont believe in branding, but rather in a good product, hell who knows maybe even I have been brain washed into this, maybe I’m a hypocrite.  When I wear something I want it to feel comfortable. In my semiotics class I learned that heels were actually designed to accentuate the a women’s breast, so men find them more attractive.  Yet this sort of thing is standard fashion these days, even though a woman will love to wear heels which will make her feel glamorous and so seductive for hours on end, but I think it has been medically proven that it creates an unnecessary strain on the back, and its an unhealthy posture.

So if you see me in the street wearing something you think is not part of the social norm. Keep your fucking mouth shut, cuz I dont give a shit, in fact I am really happy with what I wear, although it may  not be popular in the media or costly.  I dont dress to satisfy your pathetic eyes, I don’t need to be objectified by your gaze.  However, if I do wear something that is Illegal showing off privates, then by all means stop me, those are two different things.  The point of this paragraph is to let the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD KNOW that I don’t give a shit what you think of me, and that I will decide what is the norm, dont shove your normalities which are actually abnormalities in my face.  I do not need your approval, nor do I need your comments.

So maybe it is not me who needs to change but the whole fucking world IF indeed the Whole fucking world has a problem with me. Don’t dress me up all pretty to impress your friends, rather trust that they will like me based on the things I say, or the things I do.  I shed enough tears over my public image when I was young, this world is not worth it. NO its NOT my problem, its yours.