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fuck, i’m stuck, im running out of luck, i’m in a rut, shit, yuck its a flying duck, watch out for that puck
look, u must have mistook me, i cant read this book, you’ve got me so shook, i’m not a criminal but i am a crook
shit, this is it, a few more hours and i’ll be out of this pit, then i can shave my beard and my pits
crap, look at that, i can see in the dark like a bat, and i just shat a whole poem thats out of whack and if i had a reaon to i would attack, but i lack, the motivation, i’ll just watch my back and as aman always says i should hit the sack, and build my own shack, since my basement is fond of some rats and i just spat on ur mat and i’m glad because my brain isnt functiong as a matter of fact!


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