In life there is so much pressure
some take drugs to make it lesser
Still, I wonder how much more my body can take
sick and tired of screwing up, sick and tired of mistakes
The pressure builds up, and I feel like I’ll collapse
I heard the news of parents killing children, almost had a relapse
And UTFuckingM keeps giving me tickets
If I find that lil mofo, i’mma snipit
My credit card bill keeps rising
Like the gas price keeps riding
Like a roller coaster up and down
These rich people, are like clowns
Pressure, it hurts my brain, makin’ me insane, by the time i’m 30 I’ll have a cane, and it seems like theres nothign to gain in this materialistic world, like Madonna the materialistic girl,
Pressure to be rich, and have everything you can imagine,
But Imagine, if money wasn’t everything and when your dying, lying in your coffin,
The whole world hates you, and they come at your grave just to spit at you, what a fool
What did you do, What could you have done, look at your life and reapproach it
Dont chase money, or you’ll suffocate your life, you’ll choke it, and smoke it, and laugh but this  aint a joke yet