Oh my god these procrastinations got me getting hallucinations
Of last year when all I produced was pollution when I wrote with no fusion
ButI got no time to waste, my work is due today, must do it in a haste
I cant afford to procrastinate work full time, I aint Super Man, dont wear no Cape
Lack of sleep has me ready to bleep bleep all overy my sheet
Writing this poem / freestyle is making me go wild
Facebook has turned me into an addict
Its like crack, I had enough, I’ve had it
Social networking, but i’m a social outcast
So next time I ask you a question you should think fast
AAAH no time to procrastinate, damn I just said that, no time to regurgitate

Ok, my brain has seized to function now, back to my Religion Project!

On with the procrastination nation that was spawned with the creation of my face book profile, poke you in the eye just for fascination, its amusing to smell your own defecation, actually… its not but it rhymed.


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Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar