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i finally found my password again! (well no, i’d lost it and had to have it reset).

in other (over-told) news, i (finally) have a license!!!

streets of singapore, beware!

Why do I chose this method?

It allows me to display a large ammount of photo’s with minimal effort and in little time.

Why I choose imageshack as my host?

I have been using their photohosting service for a very long time, they have unlimited storage space, and there tools have got progressively better. If you create an account you can see all the images you upload and your pc will always be logged in unless you logout, the login process is tedius but I never logout anyways.

So you just came out from a night of fun and all your friends want to see photo’s (most likely of themselves) 😉 So what do you do? send them a link to all those photo’s? With 5mp cameras one image can be a pretty heavy file. Here is my Tutorial.

Step 1. Download photo’s from your camera.
Step 2. Go to and download the appropriate program either Firefox or Windows or both if you want. While your there check out the tutorial as we will be doing somethign similar.
Step 3. Install the toolbar and it will show up at the top of your browser.
Step 4. Setup before you drag. Here are the options I choose.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarImage Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Ok for the photo below, its to you if you what size you want to put it to, but the original size is usually way too much (5.0MP) So I think people are pretty pleasant seeing full screen photo’s with this size because its large enough to zoom in, but not enough to see the hair inside the nose.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 5. Select which photo’s you want to upload, and drag them over to that Upload Icon in your browser.
Step 6. Click on the My Images Button on your toolbar and select the photo’s you want code for as shown below.
Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 7. A new webpage will open up and all you have to do is copy that code, I could take a screen shot but it’s tedius and taking more time then I have 🙂
Step 8. If you have a gmail account you have a googlepages account head over to sign in and create a new page, but when you name it put something simple because if you use spaces or ‘ or ” or , its gonna convert that to web code and it gets ugly so usually i do something like my_birthday or anne_trip, something like that.

Step 9. In googlepages click on the MAIN window where you want to place the photo’s and then hit the html button at the bottom.

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Step 10. Remember all that code you copied in step 7, well all you have to do now is hit the paste button, and Save Changes and Voila, you have a website set up with 15 photo’s.

If you have more photo’s to upload then just hit the next page and repeate steps 6-10 or whatever. 🙂

EASY as 12345678910, its not so hard just give it a try. 😀
Here is a sample of what they turn out to look like,
Derek’s Birthday

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

The scars left behind when I acted blind
It reconciles the past when I acted like an ass
It relieves me of my stress, and I use it to practice before a test

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

The pain thats inside this emotional mind
Trying to fight this constant male pride
When I write I feel the stress leave through my fingers
Otherwise, the stress just stays there, forever will it linger

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

And when I’m dealing with everyday problems
And when It feels like there’s no way I can solve them
And my emotions bring me to my knees
When I break down and cry, asking God please

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

When I write these words, sometimes I dont know how they come through
Like divinely genius, they just breakthrough
There is no explanation for the words that I write
It’s my form of meditation, like a second sight
So when I’m stressed, this is what I do at night

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

And even when I went through the toughest shit
Having to burry a child, it got me out of the psychological pit
It prevents me from having a breakdown or throwing a fit
It’s like the candle wasn’t glowing but now it’s lit.
So the darkness is gone and my rhymes keep me strong. Now I’m sitting here trying to write a song, and I’m thinking if I die will my rhymes come along. These are apart of me, I hold so dear. It’s the only part of my life where I have no fear. It’s the only thing I can ever let so near. The words so strong sometimes they bring me to tears.

I cant explain how good rhyming makes me feel
Its like it can take away the pain, It’s the way I heal

I’m half wrong, I’m half right
I’m half black, I’m half white
I’m half darkness, I’m half light
I’m half Atheist, I’m half divine
I’m half laughing, I’m half crying
I’m half angel, I’m half devil
I’m half off balance, I’m half level
I’m half angelic, I’m half demonic
I’m half predictable, I’m half sporadic
I’m half colonzied, I’m half nomadic
I’m half maunal, I’m half automatic
I’m half crazy, I’m half sane
I’m half neat, I’m half unmaintained
I’m half sunny, I’m half rain
I’m half writer, I’m half singer
I’m half half preacher, I’m half Jerry Springer
I’m half adult, I’m half child
I’m half spicy, I’m half mild
I’m half smart, I’m half dumb
I’m half athletic, I’m half television bum
I’m half Pakistani, I’m half Canadian
I’m half African, I’m half Arabian
I’m half rich, I’m half poor
I’m half less, I’m half more
I’m half man, I’m half animal
I’m half school, I’m half carnival
I’m half fat, I’m half thin
I’m half bones, I’m half skin
I’m half awake, I’m half asleep
I’m half shallow, I’m half deep
I’m half sin, I’m half good deed
I’m half generous, I’m half full of greed
I’m half fully fixed, I’m half broken
I’m half bus ticket, I’m half subway token
I’m half quiet, I’m half outspoken
I’m half clear throat, I’m half chokin
I’m half jolly, I’m half depressed
I’m half free,I’m half oppressed
I’m half half clean, I’m half dirty
I’m half late, I’m half early
I’m half nice, I’m half naughty
I’m half reserved, I’m half kinky
I’m half spring, I’m half slinky
I’m half Eminem, I’m half Chingy
I’m half 2Pac, I’m half Nickleback
I’m half Nelly, I’m half R.Kelly
I’m half recovered, I’m half ill
I’m half untrained, I’m half skilled
I’m half straight, I’m half crooked
I’m half understood, I’m half mistaken
I’m half vegetable, I’m half bacon
I’m half water, I’m half air
I’m half cloudy, I’m half clear
I’m half far, I’m half near
I’m half weak, I’m half strong
I’m half rap, I’m half song
I’m half dressed, I’m half naked
I’m half refreshed, I’m half jaded
I’m half nerd, I’m half bully
I’m half Mulder, I’m half Skully
I’m half senseful, I’m half senseless
I’m half tasteful, I’m half tasteless
I’m half chatterbox, I’m half speechless
I’m half ugly, I’m half pretty
I’m half wobbly, I’m half sturdy
I’m half thesaurus, I’m half dictionary
I’m half scrabble, I’m half pictionary
I’m half clueless, I’m half visionary
I’m half parrot, I’m half canary
I’m half food, I’m half drink
I’m half perfume,I’m half stink
I’m half full, I’m half half
I’m half hour, I’m half minute
I’m half cracker, I’m half biscuit
I’m half serious, I’m half funny
I’m half rabbit, I’m half bunny
I’m half lie, I’m half truth
I’m half pine, I’m half spruce
I’m half business man, I’m half clown
I’m half city, I’m half town
I’m half dress, I’m half gown
I’m half smiles, I’m half frown
I’m half square, I’m half round
I’m half gagged, I’m half bound
I’m half silent, I’m half sound

To Be Continued…

What are you half…?

Over the past four month, well actually about six months or so I have come to the conclusion that I am not human. I started my job at Symcor about six months ago and I also worked part time at Collins & Aikman. There was a span of a few weeks where I would work four hours (which is enough to tire anyone out because its a tiring JOB) drive from there straight to my second job, Symcor. I would sleep in the van for about 2 hours and then start my job at Symcor. This was pretty damn hard.

For the Past four months I have been working full time and going to school full time. It has not been easy and I have had a lot of help along the way but in the final crunch time I am amazed at my own ability to get A+ Papers done, and study for for exams, at the same time while handling a large load of work because my other co-worker sleeps for 2 hours at work while I actually DO work. However, I have learned to operate my body with a mere 2 or 3 hours of sleep per day. This became common, having a job, school, and a social life (J.J.N.E.) would leave little room for sleep. Yesterday I was up over 24 hours working on my seven stories and am proud to say that I have completed everything and hope that everything goes well.

I’m not human, I’m Super Human
Don’t think that I’m just assumin
I have worked really hard the past few months
They were times I just wanted to sit back and smoke a blunt
Now my brain isn’t even functioning, I cant even rhyme right, like I’m in the lime light, trying to fight sleep every night, and people telling me I cant do it, well I proved them wrong tonight, and I do not let anyone tell me what to do, or what to wear, hell I dont care if I walk down the street in my underwear but now that I got a little more time, I can take the time to actually take care of my self, and its been hard but I needed the wealth, to pay for this bloody education, to help start the formation, of a brand new claymation, or animation, or maybe i’ll do something else, and i’m typing this now, if i spoke it, i would be out of air

Free Image Hosting at

what my BASEMENT looks like. Well now you have a chance to sit on my couch and turn your head 360 degrees and see everything. Sorry about the mess, this was just a little test, but you will be able to see the whole basement pretty much, all thanks to my Canon S2 IS photo stitch functionality / software.


Free Image Hosting at

Click to see the actual thing and if its not BIG, click on the small version to make it BIGGER!!

Ok, lets see if you learned anything from before
or maybe your level of rhymes has sunk even more
but while i’m at it might as well teach you a few lessons
whenever your rhyme never think you are more or less then
your opponent, because that will just weaken your approach
and then they’ll be number 1 wearing that prized broach
but here are just a few techniques, kinda like a cheat sheet
you can have the last word in every sentence rhyme
this is a huge technique of mine
Or you could do it like this, leavin ppl in the darkness, it increases your sharpness, and boots up your heart rate, dont be scared dont procrastinate, just love and dont hate, learn to respect my faith, and be faithful to your words, dont go on a splurge without connecting with meaning, cuz i’ve been meaning to tell you but you never listen, and deep down your hissin’ like a jealous snake, looks like hooked the bait, and u feel insulted like I spat in your face and disgraced you but i havent
now that technique right there just off the top of my head
is like a stream of bullets shootin at you, but dont worry you aint dead
but this is my gift, this is my talent, i rhyme all these words jumbled up in my head
now the next thing I want to teach is to add some context to your words, think about how you pastor preachs
you cant just stick in words like ben and jerry and it maybe a lil scary but you can say real things with your rhymes, like talk about the times, like grab a moment from your life and expressit in a rhyme

that is all i want you to know, i’ve instilled the seed, time to watch it grow

I’ll be waiting for yours (or others) response to this masterful bliss