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Dear Me,

I am so sorry, I know you have been working hard.

I hope the three hour sleep, dont leave you scarred.
I know I havent been feeding you as I should
Like back in the old days, when I would cook
I used to make you fresh eggs, almost every day
Now, there is no time for me, to even stay awake
The random hours of sleep must be really hurting you
I’ve gotten pressured by my Prof, and now I got the flu.

However, you should know it doesn not all go to waste.
I study my hardest, and push my bodies boundaries, close enough to break
I had to finish an essay, or maybe just an assignment
Please hold on just a little bit longer, then you can give your resignment
But Life is too short, to sleep it all away
And I know that your saying you need sleep, you need it in order to stay
My eyes are red, and my head hurts,  and I do not properly eat
Some people tell me what I am trying to accomplish, is an impossible feat
I’m sorry, for making you go through this, you know I really care
After my surgery, We both promised that we would respect each other, It is only fair
Just a few more sleepless nights, and it will be over soon
Come next semester, we’ll excercise, we’ll even watch cartoons

I havent slept yet, and I have a tutorial at 1pm, just wanted to finishe my writing assignments before I go to class..