I asked about the world state, and I asked Why?
I asked you many times, but you did not reply.
Now I ask why we are separated by things that should unite
differences in our culture, why do they make us fight
and super military powers in the world, who gives them the right
to kill people so relentlessly with all of their might

Now the very simple concept that is love
Is a political statement that gets shoved
Into our faces, we’re constantly told we’re disgraces
Its spat right by the ones we love, right into our faces
Why must you drink poison and die
I have not done wrong, God knows this is not a lie
I know who is right, since we have been together so long
I know in the future, that one can do me no harm
As cliché as it sounds, the one makes me feel warm
My confession for their love has brought on a storm
Where rain and thunder, seem to carry on
The rain are our tears that we shed so freely
The thunder are our yells, that amplify so loudly

Of course our lives were hard, but perhaps mine more than yours
But my life made me who I am, and created the purpose I live for
So this battle I fight today is not against you my dear parents
This battle is for those ideas that you hold so prevalent
Those ideas prevent, and invent a false sense of security
When all we really need is Unity within Diversity