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There used to be a time when I was fit
Now there are times where I make myself sick

There was a time I used to push weights
Now there are times where I feel like an ape

There was a time where I used to wear T’s with no sleeves
Now there are times when I wear my shirts I don’t breath  (to hold in my belly)

There was a time where I used to push myself hard
Now there are times where I bitch about how my life is so hard

There was a time where I used to stare at myself in the mirror topless
Now there are times where I stare at myself in the mirror topless crying

There was a time where people would look at my biceps and say woah
Now there are times where people look at my belly and say woah

There was a time where I used to want to be Superman
Now there are times where  I just  wish  I looked like a normal human

There was a time when I used to be complemented on my slimness
Now there are times where I am  commented on my fatness

There was a time where girls used to check me out
Now there are times where  I feel like I want to “check out ”

There was a time where I could run up a lot of stairs
Now there are times when I go up, I have to prepare

There was a time when I actually had slight lines of definitions in my abs
Now there are times where I see lines of flab (love handles)

There was a time when I actually cared about my health
Now there are times where I actually worry about my health

There was a time where my back wouldn’t ache
Now there are times where I get extreme headaches (cuz of lack of sleep)

Please, complement me on my belly
I dont care cuz me going to go see Nelly
Furtado make me feel like desperado
I will make the fatness go away
I have to change the way I behave
Hopefully that will pave the way
Sanity, please come to me today

 [Insert Pic of Slim Riz Here]

My brother in law is getting rid of his Honda. It runs pretty good and is kinda souped up. He’s not asking for much, $4,300.00. He needs to buy a van now cuz of his growing family. I put it up on criagslist. This is my first time using craigslist, I’ll let you know how it goes.

For those of you who dont know, craigslist is an online classified section that allows you to post for FREE, no paying nothing. The concept seems pretty good since they do have some fraud prevention measures but a lot of care is required so that you dont get scammed. We shall see how the car sells.

honda civic

Dear Me,

I am so sorry, I know you have been working hard.

I hope the three hour sleep, dont leave you scarred.
I know I havent been feeding you as I should
Like back in the old days, when I would cook
I used to make you fresh eggs, almost every day
Now, there is no time for me, to even stay awake
The random hours of sleep must be really hurting you
I’ve gotten pressured by my Prof, and now I got the flu.

However, you should know it doesn not all go to waste.
I study my hardest, and push my bodies boundaries, close enough to break
I had to finish an essay, or maybe just an assignment
Please hold on just a little bit longer, then you can give your resignment
But Life is too short, to sleep it all away
And I know that your saying you need sleep, you need it in order to stay
My eyes are red, and my head hurts,  and I do not properly eat
Some people tell me what I am trying to accomplish, is an impossible feat
I’m sorry, for making you go through this, you know I really care
After my surgery, We both promised that we would respect each other, It is only fair
Just a few more sleepless nights, and it will be over soon
Come next semester, we’ll excercise, we’ll even watch cartoons

I havent slept yet, and I have a tutorial at 1pm, just wanted to finishe my writing assignments before I go to class..

As you all know, I have always been a big fan of imageshack. There are many free photo hosting services out there but the reason why I chose Imageshack is because it is essentially limitless and the functionality although not good as before, has become amazing now. I just installed a new toolbar that will allow me to DRAG and drop images write here into this window and this will automatically upload the image to imageshack and create the link for me. Isnt that GREAT!! Ok let me try it out now.


Ok, So it didnt exactly work :s I was able to drag the file onto the upload button of the toolbar but it didnt automatically show up in my post like the tutorial :S EEK.


It’s probably a problem with this BLOG service since its so restrictive, tee hee, i’ll try with googlepages and see the results with that.





My blog was pretty popular on Nov. 10, I dont really know why but here it is. 😀

Free Image Hosting at


Ok No more procrastinating. Back to ESSAY.

I asked about the world state, and I asked Why?
I asked you many times, but you did not reply.
Now I ask why we are separated by things that should unite
differences in our culture, why do they make us fight
and super military powers in the world, who gives them the right
to kill people so relentlessly with all of their might

Now the very simple concept that is love
Is a political statement that gets shoved
Into our faces, we’re constantly told we’re disgraces
Its spat right by the ones we love, right into our faces
Why must you drink poison and die
I have not done wrong, God knows this is not a lie
I know who is right, since we have been together so long
I know in the future, that one can do me no harm
As cliché as it sounds, the one makes me feel warm
My confession for their love has brought on a storm
Where rain and thunder, seem to carry on
The rain are our tears that we shed so freely
The thunder are our yells, that amplify so loudly

Of course our lives were hard, but perhaps mine more than yours
But my life made me who I am, and created the purpose I live for
So this battle I fight today is not against you my dear parents
This battle is for those ideas that you hold so prevalent
Those ideas prevent, and invent a false sense of security
When all we really need is Unity within Diversity