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Violence is constantly increasing. Wars are happening for no reason, and peace is becoming something rarely talked about, except for the moderate few.  This is what I see in the media. The people who speak against it are labelled as crazy, uneducated, or misinformed.

Misinformed is the decision to attack a country based on false premises. Democratizing the world, is that not equivalent to colonizing it? Have we learned nothing from our History? Is history repeating itself with different populations and different leaders? Is oppression happening invisibly on a more grand scale? Are countries still trying to take over each other? Has market capitalism really overthrown religion as the dominant ideology we all follow? A CNN report was saying that many convervatives are angry with the so called “conservative agenda” of the Bush Administration. The obvious lies of the government have become so obvious in todays comedy shows such as Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Are these comedy shows the new form of truth reporting? Even after knowing the truth about the corruption within higher power, change is not occuring, is this not a problem?

Is it really all about money? Are the rich getting richer, and the poor getting dead? Do the governments care about their people at all? If so does the government care more about themselves then about their people. Was Ronald Regans saying “The government isnt the solution to the problem, the Government IS the problem” a sad reality in todays world? How many more people have to be tortured or killed in order for change to occur?

What is your view on the current state of the world?

I ordered a few books online from and was astounded, pleased, and overy thrilled that I was saving a whopping 8%. My order was charging me only G.S.T. (government sales tax) which to my surprise was not 7% but only 6%. Provincial Sales Tax was nowhere to be found, so only $2.71 for a purchase of 45 dolars of goods is pretty damn … well GOOD!

How does this new tax system work now then? Has food tax changes, or what, what are the new policies.. so I can save more $$$.