All three guppies (rizzy,lolita,and rain) have gone to fishy heaven. So far I’m pretty baffled as to why they might have died. But here are some of my predictions

  • overheated water (81 Fahrenheit)
    • Water Heater plus the light above may have made the temperature too high
  • overfeeding (Lolita)
  • underfeeding (Rizzy)
  • Metal Thermometer (Rain)
    • possible that Rain was injured by this or something else
  • Contaminated Water
    • Water may have been contaminated when Rizzy died and remained in tank for 2 days
  • Plants… might have caused tangleness and strangulation.. unlikely
  • Tower
    • Rizzy got stuck in there for over two days and didn’t eat
  • Nazr (Evil Eye) ? -.. its possible

Guppy Lovers.. if you find my blog.. please comment to help me out.. will be cleaning out tank and buying more when I have time.