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It has only been a week and the only male guppy in my fish tank has died 😦

I am unsure why he was hiding inside the the tower for two days. On the second day I lifted, and removed the tower so he can be freed, then I put some food so I can see him swimming around like a maniac to get his food… but he did not he stayed close to the ground and swam in one area, it looked like he was injured. I knew something was wrong. The next day I looked everywhere in the hexagonal seven gallon fish tank but could not find him, then I looked very closely and found him intertwined beneath the fake plants. He lay on his side, void of all the beautiful blue color he originally was. I hope Lolita, and Rain, the two female fishes are healthy, they swim together like buddies, I hope they are fine. They are so shy, they dont like when I watch them eat. 😦

😦 Farewell Shylee, and farewell Rizzy the Fish. 😦