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All three guppies (rizzy,lolita,and rain) have gone to fishy heaven. So far I’m pretty baffled as to why they might have died. But here are some of my predictions

  • overheated water (81 Fahrenheit)
    • Water Heater plus the light above may have made the temperature too high
  • overfeeding (Lolita)
  • underfeeding (Rizzy)
  • Metal Thermometer (Rain)
    • possible that Rain was injured by this or something else
  • Contaminated Water
    • Water may have been contaminated when Rizzy died and remained in tank for 2 days
  • Plants… might have caused tangleness and strangulation.. unlikely
  • Tower
    • Rizzy got stuck in there for over two days and didn’t eat
  • Nazr (Evil Eye) ? -.. its possible

Guppy Lovers.. if you find my blog.. please comment to help me out.. will be cleaning out tank and buying more when I have time.

It has only been a week and the only male guppy in my fish tank has died 😦

I am unsure why he was hiding inside the the tower for two days. On the second day I lifted, and removed the tower so he can be freed, then I put some food so I can see him swimming around like a maniac to get his food… but he did not he stayed close to the ground and swam in one area, it looked like he was injured. I knew something was wrong. The next day I looked everywhere in the hexagonal seven gallon fish tank but could not find him, then I looked very closely and found him intertwined beneath the fake plants. He lay on his side, void of all the beautiful blue color he originally was. I hope Lolita, and Rain, the two female fishes are healthy, they swim together like buddies, I hope they are fine. They are so shy, they dont like when I watch them eat. 😦

😦 Farewell Shylee, and farewell Rizzy the Fish. 😦

Fish Coming SOON…

I was playing around with my camera to see if there really is a difference b/w the normal and the wide angle lens. So I grabbed my tripod and started shooting photos. The Images are taken at the exact same zoom level, one uses the wide angle lens, one doesnt.

Without Wide Lense With Wide Angle Lense

With Wide Angle Lens Without Wide Angle Lense

Yet again, another one of my creations has been destroyed by little children.
Yet again, another devestating attack on my hard work.
The Main Characters for my movie Beauty Kills were murdered a few days ago. Here’s the photo’s of their last appearance. 😦

(Click to Enlarge)
All I can say is that Rondu has a lot more to cry about now, and lil rizzy has got more then a busted lip. 😦