I dont know what went wrong. Yellow pebbles of food still lie floating on the surface of the water. Unfortunately, you lie there as well, on one side. I tried so hard to keep you happy. I even changed your water in the morning, but you werent eating those pebbles. 😦 *Sigh*

Yesterday, you were trying to eat it, but maybe they were too big for you. 😦 Shylee got his name cuz he was so shy of coming out in public and would only come to the surface to eat when I wasnt watching. 😦

I’m sure your in a better place Shylee, that bowl was not a livable area, perhaps I should have known better, I should have gotten you a bigger home.

Shylee you have motivated me to go out and find some of your brothers and sisters and take good care of them. I’ll give them a happy home.

Rest In Peace
D.O.B. – Unknown
D.O.D. – August 26, 2006