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I dont know what went wrong. Yellow pebbles of food still lie floating on the surface of the water. Unfortunately, you lie there as well, on one side. I tried so hard to keep you happy. I even changed your water in the morning, but you werent eating those pebbles. 😦 *Sigh*

Yesterday, you were trying to eat it, but maybe they were too big for you. 😦 Shylee got his name cuz he was so shy of coming out in public and would only come to the surface to eat when I wasnt watching. 😦

I’m sure your in a better place Shylee, that bowl was not a livable area, perhaps I should have known better, I should have gotten you a bigger home.

Shylee you have motivated me to go out and find some of your brothers and sisters and take good care of them. I’ll give them a happy home.

Rest In Peace
D.O.B. – Unknown
D.O.D. – August 26, 2006

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Congratulations On Selling your Car SOHO, WOO HOO, you sold that shit, I mean Amazing box van for a measly 650 dollars. Oh man what a good deal. WoW! pretty kewl still.


I think I might buy my car from e-bay too lol.

Tahmina and Bisma outside the wedding hall.


12x Zoom, thats what it’s All about.



Laughter at its best.



Look at them LIGHTS!!!



Nowadays people are trying to make weddings more and more exciting. So they will try anythign different to catch your attention. Here is a first that I have ever seen. A place setting in the middle of the table that consists of a pitcher of water and two FISH.

I too was shocked and you may not believe but THATS why I took my new camera with me. The funny thing is that they actually were nice and told us to take the fish home and even provided small packets of fish food. Not only did we get a free, nicely decorated fish bowl but we also got a free dvd with clips of the wedding and some indian music video’s I believe.




My cuzin, I’ll hoooooooook U up!

My sister Shaista’s New Born baby boy. Already looking around. TEE HEE

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