I was doign some room cleaning today and I found an old interesting art project of mine. It cracked me up like hell! So I thought I should share this amazing Experience with you all. I have uploaded the pic, its High ass quality, so be sure to zoom in so you can read it all. Ha Ha, I guess I hated Americans even in grade 8 eh… lol




Poems from Grade 8

Shut Your eyes and go to bed
Before I come and bash your head


He's Frowning
He's Drowning
He's Crying
He's Flying
He's Eating
He's Beating
He's Moving
He's Grooving
He's Cool
He's a Fool



The People of America are very Dumb
There always sitting around and drinking Rum
If you ask them which way it is to Canada
they'll jump you, beat you up and steal your money from your wallet

There was a littel boy with a big Head
One night he saw a boy who was Dead
He was frightened from Big Head, to toe
He started walking, so very slow
In the Dark, he saw a weird shape
It seemed, like a very hairy Ape
Oh no, it was just his reflection
The Big headed boy had a bad complexion
He started crying all night long
When someon began to sing a song
The small singing boy who was Dead
Said, I'll give you a Normal Head
The Big head boy's wish came true
Now everyone called him Nancy Drew
The first time he went to school,
Everyone thought he was Cool,
The second time he went to school,
Everyone thought he was a fool

fun, energetic,
slamming, jamming, popular,
An action packed adventure,

Poems On any topic
Which topic shall I choses
I'd rather lay down
and take a small snooze
Books, Birds,
People, Future
Personally, I dont care
I'd rather fight a bear
Books, I dont think so
Birds, they're okay
People Forget it
Future, I cant say
Poems on any topic
Which topic Shall I chose

Reading all the time
excercising your mind
If you cant read your usually blind
Adventures in a book
Reading long novels
and short stories too.