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It seems like a new form of spam is arriving. I keep getting these bloody msn messages from retards whose e-mails are like fta-satellite, or debbie2easy, or some other crap, and i'm SICK of it… so now I changed my options to NOT allow people who are NOT on my list to contact me. 

The messages would basically say, oh hey a friend told me about this site, or that site (usually dating/sex sites) or other spammers would be saying oh a friend told me about this torrent site, or that torrent site, or this sale at this website or that website..

HAS anyone else been a victim of MSN SPAM???
Well, i hope people keep this up so everyone switches to google talk 😀 and I hope the spamming does not start on GOOGLE TALK lol..

MY RANT after comign home and seeing all this MSN SPAM *riz feeling angry*