Tazeen, please send me the photos from your camera. I'll tell you how!!!
Follow the simple steps below.

  1. download the selected photos from your camera on to the pc.
  2. Select the photo's individually. Then RIGHT CLICK on one of them and select the SEND TO > COMPRESSED (zipped) FOLDER  option
  3. I just tested this and it should work. Now Pray to God that the final size is less than 40 megs. When its done, go to the website below and look for a browse button, and select the SINGLE compressed file.
  4. http://www.mytempdir.com/
  5. Wait for a while and presto, like magic it should be done and inside a box it will give you the link. Copy and paste the link and e-mail it to me. Or it has an option within the website to e-mail it to me. JUST READ THE webpage if you have any problems.
  6. If the file is OVER 40 megs.. then just go here http://megaupload.com/ and post the file here. Same shit different page. Once it is done, it spits out a link, you send that link to me. THANK YOU. Please ONLY the pics from the birthday. DONT leave any out! 😀

THANK YOU, if you have any problems… call my cell.. plus I need to talk to you about..err your ride home!