The feeling inside me its killing me.
Like playing Grand theft Auto n' goin' on a killing spree.
Lately her picture pops up on the side of my computer.
I wish she were here, I wish she had a future.
Why does God make us so weak, and were supposed to be the inferior creature
Sadness, its so weird how it just creeps in
A random person commented on my blog post long ago, and all of this emotion just sweeps in
I just dont know what to do, everytime I pray, I just think of you
and then i get mad, as to why werent you saved
and I know its stupid, but sometimes I think its karma for the way I behaved
We are only on this earth for a short period of time
So I get annoyed when people hate on each other, its like a hate crime
and in this sea of people, the smart and the stupid,
I wanna be done with bickerin, i dont need to go through it
life is a fragile thing, please respect it, dont neglect it

I Miss You Alishba.