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Its been a while since my sister told me to help spread the word about her new business with Mary Kay. So she needs to give free facials for her business so Take down her name and number… I got plenty of business cards to give out but dont hesitate to call her cell, home, or e-mail her.

Congrats on your new business. I hope it goes well.

tahminas new business

Hey Rizwan!!! Happy birthday…!! Did you think we wouldnt wish your happy birthday on your own website?? Think again 😉 

I jus wanted to say…you're a great person and always been there for me, in your own way :).  Thanks for being you…brother (from another colour…lol) :). 


happy bday to you!

you're a hundred and two!

you look like a monkey and you act like one too!

(parts of this may not be true, but the HAPPY BDAY bit is :D) 

Well, I was just checking out the stats for my movie, beauty kills. I was shocked.

According to Google Video it has been… well why dont i just show you a screen shot incase you dont believe me. WOW, i feel internet famous.. which doesnt mean much but.. still 🙂

p.s. Congrats Mehreen we made a good movie i think .

Free Image Hosting at

Google Video Stats

Its a sad world when the very thing that you expect to helps you in your life… ends it. Journey through this documentary based on pure facts (except the end) where you can experience my life, through my eyes. Rizzy’s First Documentary. Are you ready? Can you handle the intense emotion? Just click the play button.

Big Shout Out To Amandeep for helping me document my struggle.
Big ups to all y’all poor students trying to make it by in this cold cruel money mongering world.

Well folks…here it is… hollywoods most anticipated animation film. Find out how beauty kills… beer bottles.. 😉


I had a partner in crime to help me make this. None other then the website contributor. Mentos, the unFresh Maker!

ohhhh…i FINALLY figured out how to work this blog. lol. *tubelight moment*

ok back to essay, toodles y'all