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I picked up the Mississauga News today
top story was about a muslim girl who got pushed away
they call it protests backlash, and its pissin’ me off
I dont know how much of this i can tolerate
hating against people just because they got a strong faith
pusing any girl hard in the chest is just wrong
and here I am sitting at UTM thinking all along
that we got a real nice, peacefull community
Then I read this shit, its just so confusing
I try to block it out and pretend its okay
the madness grows inside but I’ll remain ignorant today
I just cant understand the reason for this hate
and I cant believe i’m writing about this again
but the next person they harm could be my friend
so lets just finish this topic,make it illegal to demoraize a faith
think about your own religion, think about someone purposefully trying to deface
your beliefs and portray you as somethign your not
and then they push you to your limits to see how hot
headed they can get you, then people get beheaded and we get
confused, and most times i think its all a rouse
how can educated people act like this, aww fuck it man
i cant take this, leave me in my ignorant lyrical bliss

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For some reason, Mississauga news has NO link to an online full article but magically every other article from the same paper is online? What kind of censorship is this? By the way this was Front page news in print. I just dont get it. Click on the link to see the enlarged version and if you want the second portion I’ll scan that too, if I get a demand.