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my near perfect run of getting next to no parking tickets at UTM seems to be wearing off. I got a ticket on monday, and i got one today. Stinks big time. That makes for a total of 3 tickets the whole year. On the brightside, $60 is a hell of a lot better than $600 for a parking pass. Damn parking retards. They expect you to pay 7000 for tuition, another 1000 or so for books and 600 for parking? Good night! I remember the days when parking passes used to be 200.

On a side note, i think i failed my corporate finance mid-term today. It was nuts. Everyone walked out of there looking dazed and confused. That has got to be one of the hardest tests i ever wrote (not including my comp si years…cause those years i didn’t know anything!).

My dad made me crack up today. He’s been going to the local shoppers drugmart and getting his blood pressure checked. Today he came home with a print out from the machine and handed it to me.  He asked “what does this mean? Is it good?”. I looked at the printout and it said Bloodpressure: 0. I wasn’t quite sure what he was asking me so i asked him. “what does 0 mean” he said. “it means your dead” i said to him and started to crack up. He had a concerned look on his face so i tried to stop laughing and explain to him that you can’t have 0 bloodpressue. That the machine probably wasn’t working. Just thought it was hilarious.

 PS. Is that a pic of tanya on a motorcycle?