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I love animation. Ever since I used 3D Studio Max in grade 11, I fell in love with the world of animation, that summer me and animation had our fling. As the time came to apply to universities and college I went to some seminars to see how to get into animation. I guess the stories scared me away, or the fact that I cant draw half as good as some chinese people in my class. But nonetheless, I had a passion for animation.

So, CCIT has given me a chance at animating again, and I have taken it from a professional approach, I am not doing this for my grade, I am doing this to fill that void in my life. It was so much fun pre planning and drawing my animation, and observing video’s and seeing how a bicycle kick is actually done. Then I went on actually acting out how the character would move by mimicking the video’s. Then I drawed sketches of the key frame positions… then I drew the seperate body parts of my character, and then I scanned them in and then I colored them and then I created


LIL RIZZY, part of my soul…
I cant embedd him yet cuz I havent uploaded this to google video yet, cuz its not my final version. CHECK OUT LIL RIZZYp.s. it is cutting out abruptly but i will update the link as the project progresses.