My ibook.  It went ALLLL over the keyboard, in it, and into the computer itself through those vents (that’s how much I spilled- a huge cup).  Oops.  I freaked out.  The laptop started weazing, as if it was having an asthma attack.  It did that for a really long time, so I figured it was just trying to get rid of the moisture.  When it stopped doing that, I tried turning it on a few times, but to no avail.  Eventually it did turn on, and I started using it again.  I plugged in the charger, and soon after I did this a saw a streak of lightening appear across the screen (on the inside) and the comp subsequently shut off.  I decided to leave it for a while, since it kept turning off and on.
A few hours later, it was working again, so I watched a movie on it.  I notice though, that the keyboard is sticky.  I took out the keys, one by one, to wipe underneath.  I hope it doesnt stay so sticky, that would really bother me when I’m trying to type.