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Here he is the little super star animation. Known throughout the world, take a gander at the one and only… Lil Rizzy

And Lil Rizzy’s friend Zack (produced by Mento’s {thers a link to her blog on the side} )
got carried away with his ballons, no literally carried away… hahaha 🙂

I love animation. Ever since I used 3D Studio Max in grade 11, I fell in love with the world of animation, that summer me and animation had our fling. As the time came to apply to universities and college I went to some seminars to see how to get into animation. I guess the stories scared me away, or the fact that I cant draw half as good as some chinese people in my class. But nonetheless, I had a passion for animation.

So, CCIT has given me a chance at animating again, and I have taken it from a professional approach, I am not doing this for my grade, I am doing this to fill that void in my life. It was so much fun pre planning and drawing my animation, and observing video’s and seeing how a bicycle kick is actually done. Then I went on actually acting out how the character would move by mimicking the video’s. Then I drawed sketches of the key frame positions… then I drew the seperate body parts of my character, and then I scanned them in and then I colored them and then I created


LIL RIZZY, part of my soul…
I cant embedd him yet cuz I havent uploaded this to google video yet, cuz its not my final version. CHECK OUT LIL RIZZYp.s. it is cutting out abruptly but i will update the link as the project progresses.

Heres just a few of the pics out of the 179 pictures I took today.

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Well, incase you did not understand before, the Science Center has a display setup where you get to see people who were once living posed in different positions. The people used ofcourse gave their permission, but you gotta wonder, how they died when most of them were an excellent shape. We were not allowed to take photo’s inside so I scanned a few postcards for you. Enjoy!

Remember these are REAL PEOPLE, not made from artificial material, the detail is stunning.

My ibook.  It went ALLLL over the keyboard, in it, and into the computer itself through those vents (that’s how much I spilled- a huge cup).  Oops.  I freaked out.  The laptop started weazing, as if it was having an asthma attack.  It did that for a really long time, so I figured it was just trying to get rid of the moisture.  When it stopped doing that, I tried turning it on a few times, but to no avail.  Eventually it did turn on, and I started using it again.  I plugged in the charger, and soon after I did this a saw a streak of lightening appear across the screen (on the inside) and the comp subsequently shut off.  I decided to leave it for a while, since it kept turning off and on.
A few hours later, it was working again, so I watched a movie on it.  I notice though, that the keyboard is sticky.  I took out the keys, one by one, to wipe underneath.  I hope it doesnt stay so sticky, that would really bother me when I’m trying to type.

We all love food. It’s even more exciting to eat things we’ve never tried before. So I’m inviting everyone to come eat with me (not EAT ME, hehe) at Ethiopian House downtown. Not sure when but whatever… Let’s do it.

I went to the rally that was held as a public protest against the derogatory images produced by the Denmark newspaper. It was a lot of fun and lots of COLD. I took some pictures and I will post them soon.


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