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What should I make of this

What should we do with this

How did it get to this stage

I keep thinking I’ll wake up

…and this will be all but a pleasant dream

…perhaps just a taunting infactuation

Do you think that this will fade

Become some distant shade

…of grey that is part of you like a shadow

Taking on the back burner….making way for a new flame

I don’t think this is a game

I don’t think you do either

Shall we selfishly continue this until we wither.

Whatever we decide I don’t want you to suffer.

Pains’ no game…I’ll deal with it all the same.

I wish it could always stay like this…same

Instead of constant wondering and depression.

When it ends we’ll be torn

Over the years…if you end up alone

Pick up the phone…u’ll hear my voice instead of the dial tone…

today i went to school. After a nice 2 hours i drove back home. It was fun.