It just hit me that I haven’t been in a relationship for 2 years. WOW. A large portion of these two years was spent wishing I could find someone, but at the same time having lots of fun doing whatever it was that I was doing. There was a guy I really liked last year, but after hanging out with him outside of school once, that was the end of that. We pretty much never spoke to each other ever again (lol, am I that much of a repellant). Anyways, I’m just disheartened that it’s been so long that I’ve had a boyfriend. It’s not like I come from a background where I’m forbidden to date. It would be so easy for me, if only there were someone out there (for me and me alone :))!! Hey I’m a good person, it’s my turn now. Actually, I don’t want a boyfriend right now cuz I’m too busy with school and work. HOWEVER, I still miss the company of a significant other.

I just hope that next time around, I won’t settle for someone just because I want a boyfriend.

Anyways, this spiel is getting long. I guess I just felt temporarily pathetic for not having a love life for so long. But, I’m sure not everyone out there has a new SO every few months….right? 😛