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Yoh…yoh…..have’t been up in here for a while!

Been stupendously busy….

Popped in the share the wealth…I’ve written a book…”Goan’ Crazy”

Holla at me if you wanna buy a copy…$20….you all know u wanna know how this crazy Goan lives her life…come on now!!!!!!!

Just finished off another book about Vietnam. This one was the war through the eyes of Franklin D. Miller. What a man. Where most people couldn’t wait to finish their tour of duty, this man pulled strings in order to say in the war. He arrived when he just turned 20 and was there for 6years. During his tour he won countless medals including the Congressional Medal of Honor (the highest millitary award). The book was excellently written. It was as though you were standing right next to Miller during his missions. One of the best chapers was his account of a top seceret mission which led him to winning the Medal of Honor. How someone can endure all the things he had and still live to tell about it is beyond me. Reflections of a Warrior written by Elwood J.C. Kureth. A must read.