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I’m back at school. The next couple of months are gonna be a drag. Work, school, work, school. Well I hope some fun will be mixed in there too 🙂 BUT, I’m at a crucial point in my education (the end…lol), therefore I think I can make some sacrifices. I’m gonna write myself an email on, to be delivered a year from now. Let’s see where I am then. My to-do list:

  • Get my licence
  • Get married
  • Work for a newspaper or magazine
  • Buy a car
  • Buy a house
  • Go to Jamaica
  • Write a novel
  • Visit either Brazil, Saudi Arabia or Greece
  • Buy a powerbook
  • Make a difference in a ghetto
  • Write a screenplay

Ok, that’s all for now. I have quite a lot on my plate for the following year. Let’s see how close I come to achieving all my goals.

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We’re so quick to donate money to people dying in other countries. The South Asia Earthquake and the Tsunami, in particular. I saw the number people that died, I saw the pictures…people were suffering needlessly. We HAD to make a difference, if we had to change something in the world THIS was it! I remember standing at the booths at UTM where cash-strapped students were literally going to the ATMs and getting out some money to donate to the cause of the South Asia Earthquake.

We’re a smart folk, us Canadians, and we’re caring too. When something’s wrong, we all want to do our part to fix it.

OK, enough patting ourselves on the back. This is important, so listen up! Something is wrong, and we’ve been kept in the dark about it. Canadian Aboriginals Sure, every once in a while, we’ll hear a news report on their crappy infrastructure. Think back to late last year. Do you remember the word Kashechewan? The reserve was under a boil-water advisory for two years until the media and the government actually started paying attention late last year. Two years!

That didn’t stay in the news too long, though. But look at how much attention that the Tsunami has received in the media, and all the attention that the Muslim community has given the South Asian Earthquakes. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pay attention to these tragedies, no. I’m just saying that more, if not some, attention should be paid to our neighbours!! I’m looking at the Muslims reading this post especially. Keep in mind the Islamic tradition: “A believer is not the one who eats his fill when his neighbour is hungry.” We should make sure our neighbours are fed waaaaaaaaaaaaay before we’re making sure that people in other countries are OK!!!

It’s happening again, though. In the First Nations people of the ‘Island Lakes’ region in Manitoba are currently expecting to buy milk at $20 a litre, bread at $5 a loaf, and when it comes to gasoline, they’ve currently got about two weeks worth left…I can’t even begin to imagine how high gasoline prices are because of that!

Why’s all this happening? Because apparently, the peoples of the First Nations don’t deserve the same quality of roadwork that we do here in the city! To all of you Canadians out there complaining that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands, look to your own lands first! Canada is doing the same damn thing to its aboriginals! That, and we’re much further in the process!

If it seems like I’m pointing fingers here, let me clarify things for you, I am pointing fingers. I could very well point my finger towards the media, and the government, but I won’t. I’m not directly responsible for my government, nor am I directly responsible for the mass media. I’m going to point my finger at myself, and the people surrounding myself. Because that’s who I’m responsible to, and for.

I can’t change the world, but I can sure as hell change the world around me!

Read the CBC report on the state of emergency in Manitoba!