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Eminem Eminem, your a disgrace to women
but gosh darnnit why are you so funny
of all the mp3’s I illegally burn, on you I spent my money
No, not everyone will understand you
some wont even tolerate
I thought music was meant to bring us together?
whats with all this hate?
Anyways, i just wanted to thank you for making 2pacs cd
It sounded really good, I payed for it, and i’m glad u did it for free
And i know that ppl dont respect you, prolly cuz ur white
and i’ve heard it in your songs, but I’m not here to fight
I like ur vulgar music, and it prolly is a sin
saying the work fuck, and how you hate women
I should be crastrated for having such a bad sense of humor
maybe I deserve to get a disease, or hell, just throw in a tumor
the first song i heard of yours was called Kim
it was a story about how u killed your wife, ooh no not another sin
ofcourse I laughed through the whole song
I know when were angry, we say thigns we dont mean
i wanted to kill Nadeson for being a pain in my splean
I know that you have some funny tracks and then some serious ones
i have a friend who thinks that your just out to make fun of everyone
me, personally, i like the variety, i’m not saying i like everything
ofcourse, ive changed through the times
i dont agree with some of your rhymes
when I write, I just let it go,
but sometimes its so cold, like i’m under five feet of snow
and i’m just so tired, and tired of defending someone i dont know
but do I let go of the music i listen to, i think hell no
but what you should know, is Em does not reflect in me
whatever he says, and whatever he means, my lyrics themelselves are quite differing
so when i say inspiration, i look at the music, and the beat, and the compsure of ur flow
but what do i know, i’m no pro, i just like to rhyme words, one syllable at a time, i try to make a rhyme

Her posts are funny, bring her back.

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